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Establishing a new business in the UK or a branch of an existing business involves a number of steps both legally and commercially.
The links below cover the principle activities a new company investing in the UK will need to follow and guides for how to proceed.

Registering A Business In The UK

Registering a business in the UK is a straightforward process.  It can take 24 hours to register a private limited company in the UK or 4 weeks to register a branch of your existing business in the UK.  The link below provides a useful guide to registering a company in the UK.


Opening a UK Bank Account

The UK has numerous banks which international business can access to support new investors.  The link below provides a useful guide to opening a UK business banking account.


UK Company Taxes

The UK has a transparent taxation system which is applied consistently and overseen by HM Revenue & Customs.  The link below provides a guide to both the UK’s tax system and the possible tax incentives which support investment.


UK Employment Law

The Uk has a wealth of talent which can support your company to grow and straightforward employment laws which protect the rights of both employees and businesses.  The link below provides a useful guide to employing staff in the UK


UK Visas and Immigration

The UK operates a points-based immigration system to attracts overseas talent to work in the UK and a visitor visa system for short term business visits.  The link below provides a useful guide to the UK’s Visa and Immigration processes.




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