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A Place to Invest and Succeed

Tees Valley is a leading destination for manufacturing, process and energy companies, with strengths in the digital, life sciences and professional services sectors and we have many advantages over other areas that attract big businesses


Perfect Package

Significant funding has already been delivered to ensure the area has the infrastructure to support major investments. We have excellent transport links and digital connectivity which help us to attract big businesses to Tees Valley, as well as a highly skilled workforce with transferable skills on hand, ready-made for the job. Add to this the major regeneration and development projects under way across an extensive range of sites and premises, including the South Tees Development Corporation, the biggest development opportunity in the UK right now, and you get the perfect location for your next major investment.

A Mayoral Combined Authority

Being one of only seven areas in the UK to have a metro Mayor and a devolution deal, Tees Valley businesses can be confident that decision-making here is done with our local businesses in mind.  Devolved decision-making helps us fulfil our potential and develop and nurture businesses in a way that will support them and the wider Tees Valley.

Whether it’s maximising our transport infrastructure, connecting our businesses and getting people moving or having the ability to deliver skills training that employers really need, devolution works for Tees Valley.

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